Stone Therapy

 Although it has been around for many years, the resurgence of Stone Therapy, particularly in spas throughout the world, has ignited a holistic phenomenon that is unparallel. Stone therapy is a separate and distinct form of therapy that may combine massage and stone or simply placement of stone, with the use of both hot and cold applications. Stone therapy is more than just another relaxing experience because it provides a number of therapeutic benefits such as an increase of blood circulation, metabolism, muscle tone and a decrease of muscle tension, tissue stiffness, pain and inflammation or swelling.


Heated Stone Therapy

Using hot stones for the relief of aching muscles, sore joints and tense spots is a therapy that goes back to ancient civilizations. Heated, then placed on the back, chest, shoulders, in the palms, even placed between toes, the natural stones gently transfer heat, which radiates deeply to provide a relaxing, emotionally soothing treatment.

Cost: $50.00 for ½ hr.


Mediterranean Hot Stone Massage

Enjoy a hot stone massage with stones hand picked by Fiona from the beach in Finale Liguria in Northern Italy. This stone is used widely in Italy for hot stone massage.

Cost: $80.00 for 1 hr


Irish Sea Hot Stone Massage

Myth and folklore have claimed that the Irish Sea holds the secret of Youth. Feel rejuvenated and fresh with a hot stone massage enhanced with a Celtic Touch treatment .Again the stones were handpicked by Fiona, this time from the Bettystown Beach on the East Coast of Ireland, close to her home town.

Cost: $80 for 1hr

Add a 60 min Reiki or Celtic Touch treatment before or after any treatment for $50 *


Hot Stone Wrap

This is an amazing treatment. Your body is wrapped in an aromatherapy sheet, for 30 mins, then heated stones are placed on your body for the remaining 30 min.

Cost $60.00 for 1 hr.


Cold Stone Wrap

As unappealing it may sound this treatment is one you should try. The first 3 or 4 minutes is a little chilly, then your body begins to warm itself up and you create a de-toxifying effect.

Cost $60.00 for 1hr.


Grounding Foot Treatment

Rejuvenating foot treatment incorporating, reflexology points, Intuitive Massage and Reiki Energy. As a prelude to your treatment enjoy a relaxing foot soak while sipping on healing herbal tea. This wonderful treatment will bring you back for more! This treatment may also be enjoyed with any

Cost: $50 for 1 hour consultation, foot soak and treatment

ost: $25.00




Cold Stone Therapy

When using a cold application with the stones, stone therapy causes an increase of muscle tone, an increase of the body’s stimulation, a decrease of pain and a decrease of inflammation or swelling.

Cost: $30.00 for ½ hr.


Cold Eye Stone Treatment

Sea stones gently apply pressure on your eyes, leaving your eyes feeling rested and refreshed. This is a great quick fix for shadows or bags under your eyes. This treatment also includes a mini reiki energy lift facial massage.


Energy Lift & Cold Eye Stone Treatment

A gentle facial treatment incorporating Reiki, a cold eye stone treatment and intuitive massage. Experience an improved elasticity in the skin, improved circulation and a noticeable healthy glow after the first treatment. We concentrate on wrinkles, frown lines, smile lines, and texture of skin while your eyes are rejuvenated by the stone treatment. . Usually the two treatments cost $85.00


Special Promotion $75.00



 Hot Hand Wrap

Begin this treatment with a hand massage then we place hot stones in your palms and in between your fingers and wrap the hands for 15 minutes. This assists in softening the skin, improved circulation, increased mobility and pain releief.


Cold Hand Wrap

Begin the treatment with a cooling hand massage. We then place cold stones in the palms of your hands and in between the fingers. We then wrap the hands for 15 minutes. This is very effective for swollen or inflamed hands.


Heavenly Hand Treatment & Hand Wrap

Rejuvenating hand treatment incorporating, reflexology points, Intuitive Massage and Reiki Energy

The Bio Mat

The Bio mat is a FDA Registered medical Device Establishment : 9056316    Registered Medical Device : 8237203

The Bio mat is an incredible experience. The blend of Amethyst healing crystals, Far Infrared Light and Negative Ion Treatment relaxes each and every part of you. Unlinke an electric blanket, the mat does not get hot when it is turned on. However if you lie down on it, it warms the inside of your body and the part of the mat making contact with your skin gets warm.

Benefits of the Amethyst Bio Mat
Improves the Immune System
Reduces Stress and Fatigue
Eases Joint Pain and Stiffness
Removes Toxins
Burns Calories
Relieves Pain
Helps Sleep Problems and Insomnia
Clears blockages and Aligns the Chakras
Relieves posture, bone and joint ailments
Relieves Stomach and Digestive Disorders
and much more...

Enjoy this treatment by itself for $70  or
purchase our SPECIAL add the Bio Mat to a Stone Treatment Treatment for HALF PRICE   Total $105


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