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A woman's psychic vision may have helped investigators find Carol Hodge's vehicle in the Otonabee River.City police actively sought tips from the public during their investigation into Hodge's disappearance.

Staff Sgt. John Lyons said one of the people who came forward was a woman who had had a vision suggesting that Hodge's vehicle was in the Otonabee River, close to Lakefield.

The vision wasn't that far off, Lyons said.

He pointed out that investigators would never turn away any tips from anyone, and the woman's statement was neither unreasonable nor outlandish.

"You're never averse to listening to anyone, or following any lead," Lyons said.

The woman pointed investigators to an area where they were already searching, he said. Hodge's vehicle was found just north of the dam near Trent University.

The woman has helped police before, during a two-year investigation into the disappearance of 51-year-old Wayne Kelly.

Kelly, 51, went missing in 2002. His body was discovered in 2004 in a heavily wooded area off Johnstone Dr.

Lyons said the woman had had a vision that pointed investigators back to the Johnstone Dr. area, despite the fact that they'd previously searched there before and found nothing.

Psychic Training

Psychic Development

In this course we cover, Guided Meditation, Energy and Auras, Chakras, Angels and Vision Quests, Drumming Journeys, Spirit Guides, Animal Totems, Past Lives, Tea Leaf Reading, Card Reading, Dowsing, Dream Interpretation, para-psychology and more

Creating Sacred Space

In this course we cover many different types of smudging and cleansing process. 

We discuss energy in living and working spaces and how it affects us. Basic introduction to Feng Shui* & Bagua Map

*Feng Shui is the Placement of furniture and objects 

How to create a Sacred Space using Crystals, Music, and other Inspiring or helpful Items.

Cost $40 if taken individually


Angels are messengers.  They are messengers from spirit allowing us a greater understanding and connection to Spirit. The word angel comes from "angelos" which is the Greek word for messenger.  Not only are angels messengers, they are also part of our consciousness, representing realms beyond thought and idea. 

Spirit Guides             
With very little effort we can establish a connection to our inner advisers. Once the connection has been made, you can have conversations with these advisers, to help in decision making, problem solving and achieving goals. These advisers are found within – they are parts of your higher self.


In this class we will be learning all about Chakras and pendulumns! Many people have heard the term 'Chakra', but are unaware of what they are, and the significant role they play in our lives. In this class we will educate you on what chakras are, the affect they have on our physical, emotional and spiritual well being. We will also be learning about pendulumns, and how they can be used to align your chakras and much more!
Each participant will receive a chakra alignment, and learn how do this for themselves and others! 
We encourage you to bring a pen and paper, and a pendulumn if you have one. We will have a few available to practice with in class, so no need to run out to buy one prior to class. Although don't be surprised if you do want to run out and buy on

e after class!

Auras, Colours & Energy

Auras/Power Colour
During this workshop we will explore the colours that surround our Bodies and into our souls. In the beginning we will examine each other auras through Holographic Energy. 
It is recommended that clients take the  Chakras course before they begin to practice working with Auras.

Past Lives

I will share Info about Past Lives and how to get the most from your past life journeys and experiences 
You will be shown 3 different methods to tap into your subconscious and "see into" a past life using each method where you can journey back in time to a previous existence where you will see, feel and hear who you were in past lives.
In addition to having fun, exploring past lives can benefit you in many ways.
Past life healing changes our present lives in remarkable ways. I have witnessed Ancestral Healing in Alcoholism... Weight.... Fears and Phobias.
You can "retrieve" information or abilities from previous lives which will assist you in life right now.
It is always fun to see the similarities in visions and past lives in a workshop...many times people see each other in previous lives.

Reading Angel Cards

Have you ever heard a soft voice in your head comforting you, guiding you to make a certain choice or take a certain action or felt as if someone was holding your hand or hugging you just when you need it most? 

Angels are among us, protecting us, guiding us and loving us often without our knowledge…but what if you could receive direct messages and guidance from them whenever you needed it most.

Angel card reading is a way to receive direct Divine guidance through pictures, numbers and text. The messages will warm your heart and help you on your life’s journey. 

 Medium Training

 The Mediumship training is an intense course where you learn how to conduct a medium connection with a soul who has passed. This speaks for itself.

Learning how to connect with people who have passed is a life changing experience. It is very rewarding to connect clients who are grieving with their loved one and assisting them in beginning a new relationship on a spiritual level.

You will take journeys to the Spirit World/Heaven/Nirvana/Shamballa, find out your responsibilities to the souls who require your service and how they will assist you in yours.

We work carefully with your Gatekeepers and Interpreters to guide you on your wonderous journey into Mediumship.

 ****There are limited Space as this is an intense workshop where we deal with deeply emotional material which requires a more personal touch.

$240 for 16 hours of training, Case Studies an
d certification

Fiona Newman
Growing up in Ireland, Fiona was aware of Angels, Fairies, Spirit Guides and people who had passed from this world to the Spirit Realms.

Fiona began offering Reading in the early 1990"s after immigrating to Canada.

Fiona's career to date has brought her to many interesting ventures, including locating missing persons and working on cold cases with the Peterborough and Lakefield Police, OPP and across Canada for the RCMP.      



Fiona's Readings focus on what is most important for you to know at this time in your life. 

Fiona specializes in Past Life readings, Tea Leaf readings, Angel and Fairy readings. Fiona also provides object and photograph readings.

Fiona's passion is readings and Communicating with our loved ones who have passed. The rewards for her is the peace a family feels when they reconnect, it can be an extremely emotional and Healing experience. 

Fiona will guide you gently as she contacts your loved one and encourages peaceful communication while providing Medium Readings .

You can experience your reading in person, over the phone and the internet. 

 General Readings       $80.00 Phone Readings  or in Person

During a General reading I connect with your Angels, Ascended Masters, Past Lives, Gatekeepers, Spirit Guides, Teachers and Departed Loved ones and Ancestors. Personal readings can be as simple as two of us sitting together or we can use tools such as Cards, Tea Leaves or objects. 

I usually suggest you keep your questions until after the card reading and see what comes up, you are free to ask questions at any time during the reading and please ask for clarification if you are not sure of the messages you receive.

 Phone Readings             

I have been asked many times if the readings on the phone are as accurate as in person. My answer is that I have found them to be as accurate if not moreso. I have to prepare a little differently ahead of time to connect on a soul level and ensure the connection is as strong. This method is great for people who are at a distance from where I am and for people who are housebound or unwell.

Tea Leaf Readings      $80.00 Phone Readings  $80 in Person

Wisdom Within Readings  $80 Phone Readings $80 in Person
During this session I connect with your Guides, Advisors and Muses I share any messages or advise your Advisors suggest you are needing at this time. The Guidance can be related to all aspects of your life.
The Clarity you receive during this reading is extremly helpful and will make you feel more comfortable making your decisions.
I will also pull Oracle Cards which will give us even more detail and insight. I enjoy using Wisdom of the Hidden Realms Cards by Colette Baron-Reid

Medium Readings      $80.00 Phone Readings  $80 in Person

Communicating with our loved ones who have passed can be an extremely emotional and healing experience.

I will guide you gently as we contact your loved one and encourage peaceful communication. 

Romance Readings      $80.00 Phone Readings  $80 in Person

Life Purpose Readings      $80.00 Phone Readings  $80 in Person

Psychic Parties                      Min 6 people


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