Fiona Newman discusses Celtic Touch in a Radio Interview by Bruce Lumley 2005

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Celtic Touch

Where you begin a journey of Healing, Self Discovery and Enlightenment. The treatment encourages Relaxation and Rejuvenation of the Spirit. It helps you bring forth your true Essence. It may be enjoyed simply as a Relaxation aid, as a Therapeutic treatment or a path to Greater Understanding.

Whatever your Spirit requires from the Universeā€¦..

Celtic Touch Delivers!

 What can I expect during a Celtic Touch Treatment?

The treatment involves lying down, fully dressed on a massage table, closing your eyes and relaxing.

You are invited to lay on your back or your tummy whichever is the most comfortable for you. Oftentimes, the treatment will require work on both sides of the body. You may cover yourself in a warm, cozy blanket if you wish.

Every cell in your body will absorb the melodious sound of Irish Harps, tin whistles and Bodhrans (Celtic Drum) as you receive your treatment.

 Cost $60 I hr Treatment and Consultation

What are the Benefits of Celtic Touch?

Because Celtic Touch connects with you in such a deep level the benefits of Celtic Touch are many.

Each and every person with whom I have facilitated a treatment have shared with me and others that they enjoyed a deep relaxation, felt more in touch with themselves and became re-focused on the priorities in their life.

It is also helpful when making life changing decisions, discovering a vocation in life and bringing forth hidden talents. Some clients have experienced pain relief, stress became more manageable, overcoming inner turmoil, peace of mind and spirit.

 Creator of Celtic Touch

A native of Ireland, Fiona Newman was introduced to Celtic Shamanism at an early age. Fiona has combined her experience and knowledge to create a wonderful treatment known as Celtic Touch. Celtic Touch is a unique treatment which encourages relaxation and rejuvenation while bringing forward and nurturing hidden personal gifts and talents. Celtic Touch has received many positive results and reviews.

Fiona is available for Individual Appointments, Workshops, and Motivational Speaking.


  Training to be a Celtic Touch 


Celtic Touch is a profound treatment which is helpful to any person with a desire to be part of the healing process for others. It is complimentary to all other Healing and Personal Growth Modalities


Celtic Touch Practitioner

Level 1 Certificate

This is the first module in a two part Certificate Course. Level 1 is a pre-requisite course that is required when working towards the Celtic Touch Practitioner Certificate. It continues a dedicated path into an awakening and understanding Celtic Shamanism. You will be trained in the basic techniques involved in Extraction Healing, which can be a life changing healing on a very deep level. The course is 8 hours and has an additional 20 hours of practice required before continuing to Level 2. Level 1 is an opportunity to practice on yourself and friends.

Cost: $125

Pre-requisites: Celtic Quest Programme.

 Celtic Touch Practitioner

Level 2 Certificate

Celtic Touch Level 2 brings you deeper into the mystical part of yourself. In addition to learning additional Extraction Healing techniques, you will also be shown how to embrace the essence of another, encouraging them to bring forth their own unique hidden gifts and talents.

Upon completion of your 20 hours practice, you may begin offering Celtic Touch Treatments.

Cost: $125

Pre-requisites: Celtic Touch First Level, 3 additional Celtic Journey Workshops and Emotional Sources of Disease

Celtic Touch Testimonies

I had been needing changes in my life and business but did not  know where to begin. After one Celtic Touch treatment I knew what it was I needed to do to get my plans in place. After my second treatment I found I was more driven to make the changes necessary.                      Paul B.

 It opened me up spiritually like nothing ever had before. I felt as soon as I was finished my treatment that I was different.                      Lauren W.

I found a piece h that had been missing in my songwriting. I felt the words and the music flow out of me with such ease I felt almost drunk! Bring it on. Can't get enough!                                                                  Betta

My Creativity was something I had put aside while raising a family. Then when they were grown and gone to school I could not find my creative flare. During my first Celtic Touch treatment, I felt a physical change in my body which rekindled the passion for pottery. I am now selling my unique pieces and traveling the globe on the money I make from them.What a fulfilling retirement!                                          Doreen W.






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