Children are our future, Children are our hope

In children, we see hope for our future

In  these times of change, we are all experiencing and observing great leaps in Spiritual Growth and Awareness.

It is essential, we start sharing and showing children all that is available to them.

It is an important component in choices they will make as they grow.

Opening up spiritually will help children in all aspects of their lives, from making good friends,

to helping them focus for projects and exams. 

As they grow it will assist in making positive choices during pre-teen and teenage years.

Imagine a world with spiritually aware teenagers !


Remember ..... In a few short years.....


Our Children will be the voting power to make positive change in all aspects of our lives. 


Our Children will be taking the steps to implement incredible positive changes in

environmental policies throughout the world.


Our Children will be making right all mistakes made by man, the planet and

all that dwell on it.  Ensuring that no child goes without food or shelter.


Our Children are going to be the ones changing world policies on ending or continuing war.


Our Children will be the people who decide whether or not to send armed forces to war in the name of peace.


We are here to ensure they will make the right choices


Spirituality for Children  


Psychic Kids and Teens

This program is geared towards children and teens who for one reason or another need to understand more about spiritual and Psychic development

It allows children and teens to develop their own intuition and make decisions based on their intuition. This assists in friend selection and peer pressure and much more.

There are large numbers of children currently experiencing seeing spirits, receiving messages from strangers and loved ones who have passed.
In understanding these experiences are in fact gifts and how to manage these gifts they are no longer fearful and will begin making positive changes in their lives and the lives of others.
We offer classes to all ages, organizing the children in age appropriate groups.

Facilitator Fiona Newman
Please call 705-808-3732

Old Souls

You have often heard people say "that child is and old soul". It sounds like it is limited to those of us who wear our soul on our sleeve so to speak. However that is not true. We all have Old Soul information within us.

Reawaken the essence of that old souls knowledge and experience during this workshop series.

They are spaced out through out the year to allow each sould to develop at its own rate. With the start of each new season we will start a new period of growth in the soul.

This workshop series is for all ages. It is not only for children.

Cost $45

Smudging for Kids

Spiritual Development for kids

Reiki for Kids and Teens

Celtic Quest for Children

Pychic Kids 101

Pychic Development for Kids

Meditations for Kids

Drumming and Healing circles for Kids

Spirit Dance for Children  and more......


PA Day Camps and Workshops can be customised

Madison and Kayla giving a lady at the Relay for Life a Reiki Treatment. They stayed up all night long giving treatments 

and bring joy to all around them that night.What a pair of Angels...check out the orbs around them! 



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