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Holistic Services and Holistic Training


We are a group of individuals with a shared desire to assist people achieve inner peace, improve their emotional and physical health, resulting in a fuller more rewarding life. Because of the diversity in training and abilities of our group, we are in the position to offer a wide variety of services. The Healing House has  been providing quality workshops in Peterborough, throughout Canada and internationally.

Through individual appointments, workshops and classes we share our experiences, teachings and practices.

Contact info on the video has changed to 705 808 3732

 I'm changing my Services and my focus and will not not "teaching" groups as often as I have been. When I do offer Group Events, I will Advertise on this site and through Social Media.

I will be doing one on one training, or two friends who want to learn now you don't have to wait untill I schedule a course you are interested in ... you decide what you would like to experience and we set it up and do it at your convenience.

ONE ON ONE Training 
I offer a consultation (free of charge when you register) value $80 and we look closely at what your desires are etc...similar a to a reading but focused on YOUR PERSONAL Spiritual Growth and discover what avenues should be explored on your journey.

I have found over the years that there are more benefits to one on one training in the beginning of your Spiritual Journey and then attending group events as there are many benefits from the group experience also, it builds a sense of community as many of us feel somewhat alone in the beginning of our path. 
I do strongly encourage people to come to the group events to share and learn together and I offer specials to make it affordable, if you are in one on one training you can attend group events for 50% discount.

I invite you to have a look at the website (which is a work in progress with the upcoming changes) and see if there's anything that grabs you ! Lol

Feel free to contact me for more information via Email, text or Facebook . 705-808-3732

Love & Light,  Fiona Newman


Warrior Woman 2019 

Empowering Spiritually Based Workshops

Monthly Workshops which Awaken the Warrior Within. 

Through the process you become empowered and will be gently guided

 to take the steps necessary to bring about the transformation 

you desire in your life. 

This is facilitated Across Canada, Iceland, Ireland and more...

Peterborough, Oshawa, Orangeville, Brighton, Barrie, Little Italy, Toronto ....

If you would like to Host and/or Promote Warrior Woman Events in your Area...please Contact Me 

April 15th 2019 Peterborough 

Medium Messages

La Hasicenda Mexican Restaurant  Peterborough 

January 2019 Orangeville

Spiritual/Psychic Development

Reading Oracle Cards

Reiki First, Second & Reiki Master Teacher Degree Training

January 2019  The Zen Shop Oshawa

Spiritual/Psychic Development

Mediumship Certification Course

Celtic Gatherings

February 1st 2019 

Feast of the Goddess Brighid    

Celtic Quest

A path in Awakening and Understanding. 

Capture the Enchantment of Celtic Mysticism and Mystery for yourself with  Celtic Quest

This quest will bring you deeper into the depths of your soul, reawakening the mystical and magical part of yourself.

Peterborough, Orangeville,Ottawa,Oshawa & Toronto

Fairy Workshops & Gatherings 

Iceland March 2019

Fire & Ice Goddess Retreat

Enjoy the Premium Package at The Blue Lagoon during this Exclusive Retreat

The Blue Lagoon geothermal spa is one of the most visited attractions in Iceland. The spa is located in a lava field in Grindavík on the Reykjanes Peninsula, southwestern Iceland. 

Enquire within about Dates and Details   **Only 12 Spaces Available on this Retreat

This Retreat is SOLD OUT !

Ireland May 2019

 Spiritual Tour and Pub Crawls with me in Ireland !

Do ye Dare?

Mystical & Magical Experiences in my Homeland

more info to come

Newfoundland June-July 2019

Spiritual Retreat       Louse Lake,  Norris Arm


June 29th to July 1  2019

Individul Readings & Psychic Parties ... Radio Shows 

Bealtaine Celtic Trinity Fire & Crystal Spiral Labyrinth   

May 1 2019


Magical Evening Event 

Walk the Tri Spiral Labyrinth, designed by facilitators and participants with Candles, Three Celtic Fires, and lined with Crystals
We begin with a short meditation, followed by a drumming journey setting your intention that you will allow yourself to release all that is needed to be released at the first Celtic Fire, the Fire of the Past...and in return you will bring forth your lessons learned and teachings received from your past in this life and in previous past lives.

The second Celtic Fire is the Fire of the Present ...walking the magical labyrinth and meditating on this fire will light passion for the present in your life. You will receive clear guidance on what you should be working on in the present time to bring completion to plans and allowing your future plans to be clearer and more drive.

The final Celtic Fire is the Fire of your Future. As a result of the two previous fires you are now free of obstacles from your past, have clarity about your current situation and can see a clear and positive future. The final walking meditation followed by a fire meditation will set you up perfectly for a future of your own design.

This event is OUTDOOR so please dress accordingly. 
We will have 3 CELTIC FIRES during the evening, however it could be chilly in between fires.
 Participants are invited to bring seating, blankets etc to stay comfortable, and a snack to share after our gathering.
You are welcome to bring any Spiritual Tools or Bundles for your enjoyment.
I highly recommend pen and paper to journal your experiences.
We will be providing water charged with Shungite to assist in your cleansing
Pre-registeration is required 
Location and further details will be given to participants upon registering.

Newfoundland   July 2019

Create a Life You Love

Relax, Rejuvinate and Restore while using the 

Law of Attraction  &  Manifesting Techniques to Create the Life You Love

We will enjoy Yoga, Meditation, Drumming,  

Guided Imagery, Walking Meditations & Labryinth 

Journaling, Swiming, Canoing, Kayaking, Hiking, and more


You will notice an improvement in focus, clarity, motivation as well as more flexible physically​. 


Louse Lake 15 minutes from Norris Arm Newfoundland

Cabin Accommodation and Camping available.

CLOSEST AIRPORT Gander  ******Participants are responsible for Airfare. 

ALL Foods and Drinks Provided

****Only Alkaline Foods will be served during this Retreat

****This Retreat includes a 3 day greens cleanse 

More info to come......


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