Radio Interview with Fiona Newman on Cruz 2005

Bruce Lumley interview Fiona Newman about Celtic Touch and other services offered at The Healing House.

The website mentioned in the interview is not current. ********

Celtic Touch Interview.mp3


The St. Patrick's Day Float 2008 

We won a prize for Best Representation of Irish Culture!!!

Thanks everyone for making it soooo much fun !!

Radio and TV Show

Interview with Mary McGillis on Trent Radio

An Ancient Irish Way to Health and Healing


Interview and piece on Celtic Touch

Aired on Chex Newswatch

St. Patrick's Day 2005

Tea Leaf Reading at the Rabbit

If you ever wondered what your tea leaves are saying? You should check out Fiona Newman at the Chocolate Rabbit. She did Tea Leaf Readings in conjunction with an afternoon of Tea Brewing and Tasting at the store. The Chocolate Rabbit plans on another afternoon like this one, on March 27th, from noon to 4pm. During the afternoon, you can sample tea from different regions of the world. Book early with Fiona Newman for your Tea Leaf Reading as she was fully booked at this past event. The Chocolate Rabbit is in Lakefield at 705-652-8884

The Relay 


Life 2010

Photos from Relay for Life 2010



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