Fiona Newman and Associates

We are a group of individuals with a shared desire to assist people achieve inner peace, improve their emotional and physical health, resulting in a fuller more rewarding life.
Because of the diversity in training and abilities of our group, we are in the position to offer a wide variety of services.
Fiona Newman and Associates have been providing quality workshops to the Peterborough community and beyond, for over 15 years. Fiona offered various courses at Class Connections in Peterborough. Our associates have facilitated workshops throughout Canada and internationally. Ireland is the Focus for 2014 and 2015.

Through individual appointments,workshops, classes and talks we share our experiences, teachings and practices.
We aspire to be your gentle guides on your journey to personal growth and if desired, spiritual awareness.

You cannot teach a person anything;
you can only help him find it within himself – Galileo

Allison Mathewson

 Amanda Wood

Jaclyn Carr

 Jenna Howe

Victoria BC

Jeremy John Bouffard

Cayla Mc Collough

Lorna Pollock

Winston Taylor


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