Through Shamanism you will be accessing a forgotten aspect of yourself, the wiser, all knowing part of yourself. This is known as Essence.

Learning how to embrace your essence will encourage you to bring forth your unique hidden gifts and talents.

This process is prolific, like a well tended garden, your mind grows in healthy abundance.


What is Shamanism?

Shamanism is an ancient spiritual path that embraces a life of living in harmony with the world around us. It has been practicised in various forms all over the world since time began. Universal Shamanism is based on the commonalities between all cultures in the world, while acknowledging and respecting that each culture has their own unique form and a variety of differing tools. Shamanism serves by finding the paths to harmony for people that will also contribute to the growth and survival of the entire world. Shamanism is about finding and following your personal vocation and incorporating it into your life regardless of your faith or religious beliefs.

 Shamanic Healer

Two Year Program    Shamanic Practitioner  & Shamanic Healer

Pre:requisite  Celtic Quest Practitioner & Shamanic Practitioner

You may then choose to intensify your practice by taking the second year of training which focuses on deepening and strengthening your roots in Shamanic faith and practice. 

In year two of the training experience sitting in sacred ceremony regularly, completing a vision quest (an optional weekend gathering, additional costs apply) and learning in-depth Shamanic healing methods, intensifying these to be in service to others. 

You will practice those methods learned in Year One, strengthening your abilities and confidence. 

Graduating from the second year earns you the title of Shamanic Healer .  You will have built strong connections to the land, to the Other worlds, to those who dwell in Spirit world and will be prepared to offer your services as a Shamanic Healer.


Shaman  Apprentice

One Year Program    Shamanic Practitioner

Pre:requisite  Celtic Quest Practitioner

 You will study the myths of the Ancestors and take what teachings they offer, applying this wisdom to your current life. 

You will journey and hear the voice of the land you walk upon and the animals and plants upon it and connect this song to the ancient knowledge you carry within.

The first year of training follows a 3 Cycle process: Planting, Taking Root and Growth. 

You are introduced to Shamanic concepts, some of the tools and healing methods and the Gods/Goddesses and legends of the Celtic people. 

You are encouraged through assignments to come into your own relationship with Spirit and to establish ways of expressing shamanic faith as you are called. 

By the end of this intensive training you will have undergone deep personal and healing work, preparing you for the role as one who is ready to be the bridge to Spirit World for others. 

You graduate from Year One with a Certificate of Shamanic Practitioner .


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