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 Through The Keyhole

As a small child I was fortunate enough to have what some people refer to as imaginary friends. I also had imaginary toys and trinkets. As an adult I am now aware that these aspects of my childhood were never imaginary. They were real. I was blessed by being surrounded by spirit guides and possessing shamanic tools. On my path to remembering some of who I am and how I began to remember forgotten times. I had a dream in which, my Nana showed me a place where I could go to remind myself of those forgotten experiences and abilities.

  This place possessed a magical doorway that led to other dimensions and a path of self discovery that I felt guided to share since the moment I woke up from the dream. In walking through this doorway I have reconnected with my loved ones who have passed on and other helpers and teachers too many to mention.

 I have written a book along my journey called Through the Keyhole.

This book will be available as and e-book on my website in the near future. I hope you enjoy reading it and incorporating some of my experiences of recall and wonder into your life.


"A deeper intelligence was reminding me that it would not always be an easy path. I was told many years before how it was going to be.

"This path is not an easy one, my child, it comes with many fears, tears and tribulations. It will however, be extremely rewarding and is necessary for you and many others".


In workshops and classes I often find myself saying "The Shamanic path is not an easy one, however it is extremely rewarding."

I have put my twist on my Masters words and repeated those words to many others just as he said was necessary."



An Ancient Irish way to Health and Healing 

Fiona Newman 


What I plan on sharing with you is infact something old, being presented in such a way that it appears to be new, to fit into the times we live in today. To be honest, it is not exclusively Irish, it is world wide, a very important part of almost every culture in the world. Growing up in Ireland I am familiar with the Irish way. Presently, I am fortunate to be living in Peterborough Canada where I am now familar with the Native Canadian way.

Sadly, these ways are often underrated and misunderstood. However, there are some of us who have been fortunate enough to have been exposed to this way for most of our lives. In my experience it is something I took for granted until I was in a place where I needed it. The beauty of this ancient way is that when I needed it, it was there. Just as promised.

It cost me nothing and it rewarded me in insurmountable ways.





Fiona Newman   


When I heard Carol say she had a conversation with her deceased mother, I was captivated. It had been a long time since I had heard someone casually mention having a conversation with a "dead" person.

I had forgotten how much I loved the words from the other side.



The Key  Fiona Newman


The Miracles in my life  Fiona Newman 



The next day I brought him for his Xray to see how th e bone had healed and to check on the severed nerve. I saw the Vets face when he saw Simba walking around and climbing on a stool, slowly but surely. He turned the light on on his Xray screen, looked at the slide, looked at the cat, looked back at the slide and a funny look came over his face…Simba hd totally repaired his broken bone and it even appeared that the nerve may not have been damages after all. He need to do more tests. I saw a funny smirk on his face and he looked so relieved. I felt the genuine love this wonderful angel of a man had for animals, and today it was my lucky day to have him love my treasured cat. I feel so strongly that his training carried out in such a loving way blended with the holistic treatment Simba received is what saved my cat’s leg and quite possibly his life.

Within a month I had a walking, miaowing miracle. He vibrated when he purred. He wails and stares me in the eye until I pet him or give him what he wants. He often wanders into the room as I am sharing stories and testimonials of healings with others. He walks in as if on cue and is my living proof that the power of love is unmeasurable. It is the most ignored resource we have Love is Free…Love is Real.

Simbas love and trust in me is what helped him heal himself.

My love was constant and unconditional.

Love healed my cat.


The Michaels in my life   Fiona Newman

Fr. Michael Walsh  a.k.a. "Daddy Cool"

As a teenager, I was blessed to have a young priest as a religion teacher who guided me blend my faith in both the catholic way and the ancient ways. He helped me understand that I did not have to choose, I could believe and pratice BOTH and not feel like a heretic or a heathen. He saved my catholic soul from fire and damnation! He guided me with love and understanding. I consider him to be one of my truest friends in my life. He believed in me when I didn’t.

To this day he is what I aspire to be. I Thank God for him.


Soulquest  Fiona Newman


Wisdom of the Soul Fiona Newman

Soul Companions

The dream starts out as it usually does,  and then I hear the  whisper  of a very familiar voice.

"This time it will be different… are you ready? Are you ready this time?" I can him ask.

"Yes I am ready…I am ready…" I answered quietly as I reach out.

This time I felt my hand being lifted without any intention of doing so. It begins to pulse and tingle, feeling like a mild case of pins and needles. I feel his energy pull me to him like a magnet.

I look into his beautiful eyes and I am his……

Our eyes are locked, I see lifetimes in his eyes, the gold flicking through his dark brown eyes remind me of amber. What I saw represented many lives we have shared together. This soul has been a companion of mine for all and always.

As I gaze into his eyes exploring the wonder I see, trying to understand, how I know and recognize all that I am seeing. In my conscious mind I am thinking logically that this is too weird to be real it must be a dream. In the other part of my mind I know this is true, this is real. It is not a dream; it is memories of other times. I push away the logic mind, this is not the time for logic. I bring myself back to the gold flickers and I am again lost….I am lost in an ecstasy of peaceful floating through time and consiousness…….freedom and knowledge. ….I am free and I am safe.

My New Friend, my Spirit Dog Totem, will keep me safe.



Old Souls  Fiona Newman  


The Book of Secrets Laura Delaney



The Healing House

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An Ancient Irish Way to Health and Healing


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