Forever Green brings a unique line of products to the market. Many of our products are produced by photosynthesizing Marine Phytoplankton, which is a microscopic organism that’s found on the top layer of most natural bodies of water. There are a lot of health and wellness companies, but few use Marine Phytoplankton as the base of their products. 

This helps to set Forever Green apart from the competition.

  • POWERstrips – Provides relief from sore muscles and other types of body aches.
  • SOLARstrips – Strips that dissolve on the tongue designed to provide an energy boost and enhance performance of several body systems.
  • PRODIGY -5  -- All in one Nutritional Dietary Suppliment
  • BEAUTYstrips – Designed to give skin a more youthful look.
  • AZUL – Supplement containing super fruits that boasts a variety of health benefits.
  • FREQUENSEA – Drinks that will support brain, skin, and immune health, among other health benefits.
  • PURE – Droplets containing dozens of naturally occurring elements that promote heart and liver health, among other health benefits.
  • FIXX – Energy shake designed to increase endurance and assist in weight loss.
  • THUNDER – Meal replacement shake that helps reduce cravings for unhealthy foods.
  • KETOPIA – A drink that can help turn fat into energy.
  • AIM – A dietary supplement that can improve metabolism.
  • PULSE-8 – A dietary supplement designed to improve blood blow and cardiovascular health.
  • RETROME – A dietary supplement that supports cell regeneration.

"We make health Pleasurable. It is my belief that without health it is next to impossible to fulfill and suistain life dreams, Physical, Spiritual, Financial, and Relationships"            

    Ron Williams, President and Founder of Forever Green


Nutritional  Supplement

Prodigy-5 has FIVE key features that explain why it’s an all-in-one nutritional product, for everyone, everywhere, every day!

Technology & Know-how. Adam Saucedo, M.D., has teamed up with the brilliant mind of Balamurali Ambati, M.D., PhD, MBA to bring you the exclusive TransArmor™ Nutrient Technology, found only in Prodigy-5. The patent-pending TransArmor™ technology increases the transit time of nutrients through the digestive system and primes the body for increased absorption of these nutrients.


Phytoplankton. The most fundamental nutrient on the planet, phytoplankton are microscopic plant-based organisms that generate most of the world’s oxygen. Phytoplankton, found naturally in both salt and fresh water, are a viable source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other micronutrients.

Antioxidants. Prodigy-5 features natural pomegranate and raspberry for a bold flavor that also delivers powerful antioxidants! Antioxidants help to rid the body of damaging free radicals. Antioxidants become a powerful defense system to these free radicals, which if left unchallenged, can contribute to the cause of a range of health problems.

Vitamins and Minerals. We all know that vitamins and minerals are essential to our overall health, yet many of us are left not getting most of the vitamins and minerals we need through our normal eating habits. Prodigy-5 features a unique blend of vitamins and minerals that were each specifically chosen using the best peer reviewed scientific research available to support your general and eye health.

Energy. Prodigy-5 features natural green tea extract, which is known to help increase energy and mental focus. It helps provide the alertness associated with caffeine without the jittery side effects! Green tea has a range of health benefits, and also contains powerful antioxidants, making it the perfect way to get a little extra boost with your daily dose of Prodigy-5.




SolarStrips feature a proprietary blend of open-cell marine phytoplankton for a nutritious, energetic boost in a unique and convenient delivery system. SolarStrips are the most effective way to edify your body with the nutrition it needs to perform at its best.


Marine phytoplankton are a naturally-occurring whole-food source known to contain amino acids, trace minerals, vitamins, enzymes, essential fatty acids and antioxidants. SolarStrips are each made with 37.5 milligrams of marine phytoplankton, making it the perfect complement to your daily health habits.


Specially designed to dissolve on the tongue, SolarStrips offer whole-food nutrition anytime, anywhere! Carry them in your purse or pocket and enjoy them anytime you’re in need of an energy or mood boost. Plus, you’ll rest easy knowing you’re edifying your body with the most complete nutrition source on the planet every time you enjoy great-tasting SolarStrips.

Benefits of SolarStrips with marine phytoplankton
 • Promotes better sleep quality 
• Supports cardiovascular health 
• Helps maintain blood sugar levels within the normal range 
• Supports liver health 
• Improves look and feel of skin 
• Supports healthy joints 
• Improves mood 
• Increases energy 
• Supports healthy immune function



PowerStrips are a Class 1 medical device uniquely designed to provide temporary relief of minor aches and pains.


Featuring a fusion of modern technology and ancient energies, PowerStrips provide effective pain-relieving results to areas of the body that are in need of a little extra love.


Make PowerStrips the solution to your regular pain-management needs. Natural elements such as germanium, marine phytoplankton and red ginseng go into the making of PowerStrips to help provide optimum temporary relief of your common ailments. These help to redirect the body’s natural heat and energy onto the areas of the body to which PowerStrips are applied. An all-natural adhesive layer also makes PowerStrips safe for daily use.

Developed by a biologist in Korea, PowerStrips utilize natural elements and energies to create a perfect pain-relief environment for your body. This synergy allows heat and energy from the body to be reflected back into the parts of the body to which PowerStrips are applied to amplify your pain-relieving results.


Manufactured in a state-of-the art facility, PowerStrips harness the benefits of cutting-edge technologies and ancient herbal remedies to provide a safe, all-natural solution for your regular pain-management needs.

PowerStrips support with the temporary relief of pains associated with:


  • Sore muscles
  • Achy joints
  • Muscle strain
  • Aches and soreness from arthritis
  • Simple back and body aches
  • Sprains

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