Darlene Dove

Darlene grew up on the northeast coast of Newfoundland and has been aware of Spirit since early childhood but only in recent years truly opened herself to the world of guides, guardians, angels and those who have passed.

Having several years experience as a high school teacher, she has spent a great deal of time connecting and working with youth. Currently working with the Ontario Public Service, she also understands the challenges with integrating Spirit into the daily challenges of a busy work and family schedule.

Darlene's passions are angel communications and readings, stone and crystal therapies, basic psychic services and mediumship.

She also offers Reiki and psychic intuitive healing. Nothing inspires her soul more than helping others on their quests for spiritual connection.

Angel Card Readings

Intuitive Readings

Mediumship Readings
Cost $70

Reiki Practitioner

Workshop Facilitator

Angel Card Readings

Certified by Doreen Virtue

705 875 0223

 Reiki Treatment

Reiki is a gentle hands on or hands off technique for fostering healing, inducing relaxation and promoting well being on all four levels of your being. Physical, Emotional, Spiritual and Mental. This treatment involves laying on a massage table with your clothes on. It is a hands on or hands off treatment depending on the wishes of the client.

Cost: $70 for 1hr


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