Monday June 4th

6.30pm to 9pm

What are Chakras?

This class explains the where, what, how and why of Chakras. I introduce you to where the chakras are, what they do for us, why they may be out of balance and how to bring them back into alignment.

3 Hour Class Day/Evening

Cost: $45


Monday June 11th

6.30pm to 9pm

Energy and Auras

Every living object has an aura. People see auras in many different ways. Reading Auras is a very unique and personal experience. Some see very clearly, others see it faintly, others do not physical see it but can feel it and can tell you what colours are in the aura by intuition alone or they hear the colours.

Cost: $45

Drum Making Workshop
Making your own Drum is a Profoundly Spiritual Rite of Passage.
Join us to share this Awakening and Opening experience.
Make your own Drum while enjoying the many teachings and gifts of making your own Drum and Drum Stick.
You are welcome to bring anything you feel guided to bring for this workshop.
Making your Drum is the first part of the process.

The second part be a Drum Awakening Ceremony and Feast.


Indian Head Massage

Theory & Ethics

Indian Head Massage is a relaxing and stress-alleviating massage of the scalp, face, neck,shoulders and upper arms based on the ancient Ayurvedic healing system.
 Indian Head massage is usually experienced using aromatherapy oils, however it may be experienced on the scalp dry so as to not " mess up' your hair!

Learn how to give an Indian Head Massage...which is one of the most relaxing incredible treatments I have ever had. This is a wonderful treatment to add to your list of services.
Cost $75

Spiritual Contracts

Spiritual Contracts Introduction

Spiritual contracts are agreements between your soul and other souls to assist each other in experiencing different life lessons and fulfilling life purposes.
We have chosen to meet up with different people in our lives at different times. These contracts are wonderful guiding tools for us once we become aware of them.
I will be covering a different contract each month.

$45 per class

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Reiki is a gentle technique for fostering healing inducing relaxation and promoting well being on all four levels of your being.


The Impacts of Reiki Healing Energy

Physical:     Releases tension and pain, assisting and increasing relaxation.

Emotional:  Clears heavy emotions to make room for more joy and pleasure in your life.

Mental:        Moves out negative thoughts that hold you back from being who you want to be.

Spiritual:     Connects your source of intuition, healing and creativity.

Wednesday March 21st

10am to 2pm

First Degree Advanced Reiki

Increasing our "unique" Life Energy Force

 First Degree Advanced

This course is open to anyone with First Degree Attunement or more.

It covers information that we do not have time to elaborate on during the initial Reiki training. The work we do in this series of classes assist in keeping your energy at as high a vibration as you can at all times. In the past and more so recently Reiki Practitioners have burnt out because they are not always taking care of their own energy.

The topics covered in this course ensures you are being regularly re-charged and cleared of heavy emotions we encounter in the healing work thus decreasing the likelihood of becoming jaded or tired or even worse ill.
It will awaken you on a deeper level.

The Four Modules

Increasing our "unique" Life Energy Force individually and as a group

Give and receive Reiki energy more effectively

Understanding Heart Healing Work in more detail

The Mudra for giving a Reiki Treatment

You will received your Certificate in First Degree Advanced Reiki when you have completed all four modules of each level

The classes are $25 each or all four for $89 Save $11
*If you are paying for both First Degree Training and
First Degree Advanced Reiki you save $25

Sound of Spirit

Saturday   9am to Noon


Understanding the Basics of and Healing Properties of Sounding.

Saturday 1pm to 4pm
Sound of Spirit Module 1
This is a profoundly powerful experience.

Sunday 9am to Noon
Sound of Spirit Module 2

Sunday  1pm to 4pm
Sound of Spirit Module 3


Soul Work

Emotional Evolution Series

Ice Breaker and Aura Cleansing Workshop

Soul Retrieval

A gentle and loving way to repair any injury and restore soul loss caused by trauma, abuse or negative thought patterns.

Soul Intention

The title of the workshop explains the purpose and goals of the workshop. This is a profound experience in which we are reminded of our Soul’s Intention and Inspiration. You will acquire tools from within to guide you towards achieving your Soul’s Inspiration.

Saturday 6pm
Sweat Lodge teachings are shared in Ojibway and translated in to english. The teachings are shared around a fire prior to entering the lodge. Pot Luck Feast follows.

Sunday  9am to Noon
Soul Awakening

We use many different modalities and techniques to awaken the spirit within and connect with yourself on a Soul Level. Guided Imagery, music, drumming and many more surprises are in store when you join this class. This is an inner journey to your soul, reaching the true essence of who you are, why you are here and how to embrace this aspect of yourself. It is an opening to Spirit which cannot be described, only experience

Sunday 1pm to 4pm  FIRST OPTION

The Heartbeat of your Soul

Through Drumming and Journeying you access a part of the mind that holds your gifts and your potential within it. It is your inner wisdom, it is the place where you can find your soul's purpose. This part of the mind is The Shamanic Mind, it is the creativity, the understanding and the essence of who we are.The Shamanic mind is an amazing place to explore, You can journey to expand and experience other dimensions you never would have believed possible.

Cost $295

Sunday 1pm to 4pm   SECOND OPTION

Drum making
Make your own drum from scratch. This is one of the most amazing workshops you will experience. You awaken your soul as you awaken your drum. The old saying "she follows the beat of her own drum" is exactly what we begin to do. Awakening your drum is like hugging a best friend.

Cost: $385

Monday June

6.30pm to 9pm

Basic Psychic Development


This class explains the where, what, how and why of Chakras. I introduce you to where the chakras are, what they do for us, why they may be out of balance and how to bring them back into alignment.

Using a variety of techniques and tools your chakras are balanced and re-aligned. The energy vortexes which activate your chakras will be opened and tuned to receive positive energy.  

$45  or $25 if purchased as Basic Psy. Dev.


Basic Psychic Development


Wednesday March 28th

10am to 2pm

Hot Stone Treatments Training

Heated Stone Therapy

Stone Therapy

 Although it has been around for many years, the resurgence of Stone Therapy, particularly in spas throughout the world, has ignited a holistic phenomenon that is unparallel. Stone therapy is a separate and distinct form of therapy that may combine massage and stone or simply placement of stone, with the use of both hot and cold applications. Stone therapy is more than just another relaxing experience because it provides a number of therapeutic benefits such as an increase of blood circulation, metabolism, muscle tone and a decrease of muscle tension, tissue stiffness, pain and inflammation or swelling.

Heated Stone Therapy

Using hot stones for the relief of aching muscles, sore joints and tense spots is a therapy that goes back to ancient civilizations. Heated, then placed on the back, chest, shoulders, in the palms, even placed between toes, the natural stones gently transfer heat, which radiates deeply to provide a relaxing, emotionally soothing treatment.

Friday March 30th - April 1st 

Shamanism 101
In this course we cover the basic concept of Shamanism, explore journeying, shape shifting and the importance of ritual and responsibility while following this path.

Friday March 30th 6pm to 8.30 pm
Circle of Intention
We open Sacred Space showing you a variety of techniques to create a sacred space for you to connect with spirit. We then open our circle of Intention with Drumming and Journeying which connect us all in our intention to grow and learn over the next 2 days.

Saturday March 31st Sunrise

(estimated at 06.40/06.43) NOON
Greeting the Day
Sunrise Ceremony

We are joined by an Elder from Curve Lake to Perform a Sunrise Ceremony. The Ceremony begins just before sunrise. We share Morning Mantras and Meditations for you to start your day with intention and love.

Saturday March 31st 1pm to 4pm
Connect with your Animal Totems and Spirit

Guides and follow your heart on a journey of self discovery and mysticism.

Saturday March 31st 6pm
Sweat Lodge teachings are shared in Ojibway and translated in to english. The teachings are shared around a fire prior to entering the lodge. Pot Luck Feast follows.

Sunday April 1st 9am to Noon and 1pm to 3pm
Sticks and Stones
We make prayer sticks, Medicine Sticks, Talking Sticks and understand the deep spiritual connection with rocks, crystals etc.

Sunday April 1st 3pm to 4pm
Circle of Intention and Continuing
We enjoy a high energy hour of combining all our discoveries and experiences We as we drum, sing, dance, bring tambourines, drums, shakers, all together to celebrate our weekend of opening to spirit.

Cost $295


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